When Is It Time For Roof Replacement?

Learn when it’s time to stop making repairs and simply have the roof replaced.

New Roof
If you are not experienced in roof construction, it can be difficult to know whether it makes more sense to repair a roof or replace it. While roofs can last for decades, eventually, they all fail, and all need regular maintenance. MEIS Roofing & Construction is regularly called to work on roofs that are simply past repair.

But how can you know if your roof is too old or too damaged to be repaired? Only an experienced roofing contractor can tell you for sure. But you can keep a look out for the following signs, all of which are indicators that the time for replacement is now.

  1. Frequent leaks

    If your roof frequently leaks, that is a sign of a major problem. If you see floods in the attic, it’s time for a roof replacement.

  2. Uncontrollable mold and mildew growth

    Mold and mildew are attracted to excessive moisture. Unless you find the moisture, you’re likely to get the mold and the mildew again and again. The source can be a simple leak or a much bigger issue. Either way, mold and mildew can be dangerous for your health, so it’s best to contact a professional roofer as soon as possible.

  3. Severe damage

    If you can see the damage caused by a natural disaster or accident, it’s time for a replacement. Whether the whole roof or just the affected area needs to be replaced depends on the extent of the damage, the age of your roof, and other factors.

  4. Visible decay

    Again, damage you can see is damage you simply have to take care of. Cracked, curled, and missing shingles all have to be replaced. If you see these or other signs of roof decay, call a professional right away.

When you notice the signs above, the first thing you should do is call MEIS Roofing & Construction for a roof inspection. We offer both partial and full replacement of damaged roofs, and we can help you maintain your new roof for many years to come. Because we know how expensive this type of work can be, we offer free inspections, and every plan is personalized to your needs and budget. Schedule your free inspection by giving us a call today.