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Why Waterproofing Your Commercial Roof Is a Smart Investment

Dallas-Fort Worth commercial roof waterproofing
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From harsh weather to falling debris, Texas commercial roofing is subjected to some hazardous conditions. With the benefits of commercial roof coatings and other waterproofing services, your property can withstand snow, ice and heavy winds. However, many commercial and industrial roofs have existing wear and tear that quickly deteriorates under pressure. If you are concerned about the risks of water leaks, here is why it might be time to consider commercial roof waterproofing.

The Benefits of Waterproofing Your Commercial Building’s Roof

Waterproofing has many benefits for commercial and industrial roofs found on stores, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, offices and other properties.

Reduce Moisture Accumulation

High-quality waterproofing ensures moisture cannot flow through the top layer of the roof. When water can pool and leak through cracked shingles, damaged seals and other vulnerabilities, it will promote mold growth inside the building. In addition, without treatment a leak will inevitably expand, potentially causing damage to valuable work equipment and materials.

Save on Maintenance and Roof Repair Costs

Choosing not to invest in commercial roof coatings might save money initially, but you may end up paying the price down the line. In brief, if a roof experiences too much damage making repairs might not make sense – in this case a roof replacement could be the only option.

Minimal Disruption to Business Operations

Businesses are sometimes reluctant to carry out roof improvements due to concerns over work downtime. However, waterproofing with a roof coating is a quick process and causes minimal disruption to daily operations. Ultimately, protecting your roof from moisture damage and leaks is something you don’t want to postpone.

Gain Added Energy Efficiency

Water damage and leaks allow cold air into a commercial property, thus lowering the building’s energy efficiency. Roof coatings fix these gaps, reducing the cost of heating the building. In addition, products like EPDM reflective coatings and reflective aluminum help to cool the property during warm weather.

Prevent an Unhygienic Working Environment

Allowing water to leak into the building can also create the best conditions for rats and other common pests. The time and expense needed to tackle pests and repair any damage will likely be far higher than the preventative application of a roof coating.

Protect Your Staff

Exposing staff to the risks of water leaks and mold could potentially make a property owner liable for any ensuing accidents or health issues. In many cases, the problems brought on by an unprotected roof occur before you even notice there is an issue. But with regular commercial roof maintenance and waterproofing, these potential issues can be addressed and resolved in their earliest stages.

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