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Three Simple Fixes for Your Roof

Three Simple Fixes for Your Roof
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Due to the impact of severe weather and gradual wear on a structure, residential roof maintenance is an inevitable part of owning a home. Fortunately, tackling minor leaks, cracks and tears before they become a problem is actually an excellent way to save money over the long term. But while professional roof maintenance is essential for most issues, are there some repair tasks you can safely complete yourself?

3 Simple DIY Roof Repair Tips

With some effort and caution, many roofing jobs can be completed by the average homeowner. After all, roofing maintenance is one of the most vital parts of home repair, and many homeowners are watching their budgets carefully. If you can correct some roof problems yourself, so much the better.

To help, we’ve assembled a few tips for three different projects that many homeowners should be able to handle without professional assistance.

Re-Seal Skylights

If you are experiencing a roof leak, check your skylight first. Old or improperly installed flashing can lead to skylight leaks, as can improperly installed insulation. To fix this, start by removing cracked roof tar and old shingles around the skylight. Then install new metal flashing as well as new shingles to replace the ones you removed. You can also replace the insulation if that is the source of the leak. As one of the common residential roofing errors, poor flashing is often to blame for leaks.

Use Quality Roofing Products

Investing in quality at the beginning can save you a great deal of time and headaches later on. Whether you are overseeing a complete replacement or simply completing a few repairs, insist on quality. Even if quality products cost more upfront, they can last from 25-50 years, saving you time and money down the road.

Seal Plumbing Jacks

Your plumbing jacks are attachments meant to prevent water from drains and ventilation pipes from leaking into your home. The seals around these jacks generally do not last as long as shingles do and need to be repaired eventually. Applying a coat of roofing cement or silicone around the seal should do the trick. If you notice persistent problems, call the professionals for a roof inspection. Using residential roof leak detection techniques, even the most minor leaks can be identified and fixed.

Remember, addressing roofing issues can be dangerous, so you should almost always leave repair work to the experts. Professional roofers follow strict safety protocols and work efficiently to fix the roof with minimal disruption to homeowners.

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