Roof Thermal Imaging in Texas

roof thermal imaging texasMEIS Roofing & Construction uses the latest in thermal imaging technology to quickly and accurately identify leaks, wet insulation, and wet decking areas. Our commercial roof leak detection & repair team can then take care of leaks fast. We stand behind our workmanship 100%. No matter the size or location of the leak at your San Antonio or Austin area business, we’ll be able to find it.

Roof Leak Thermal Imaging

In some commercial roofs, a chronic roof leak can occur. Due to their size, these leaks are quite difficult to detect. Several contractors can look over the entire roof without much luck. MEIS Roofing and Construction has a relatively new method to locate a roof leak: thermal imaging. Roof thermal imaging uses the power of heat to allow our roofing technicians to view potential leak points. On a warm, sunny day, the moisture from wet insulation underneath the roofing material will absorb energy from the sun. Once the sun sets, the areas of the roof insulation that have not dried and remain wet will appear as a hot spot on our thermal imaging devices.

Flat Roof Thermal Imaging

When your commercial roof begins to leak, the insulation in the interior of the roof becomes wet. This wet insulation has a larger thermal mass than the remaining dry portions of your commercial roof. These wet areas hold onto energy for longer periods of time. This allows our roofing technicians to locate these areas using an infrared detecting device. When we use thermal imaging technology to locate the leak on a flat roof, we can also see the damaged area. This allows us to begin forming a plan to make prompt repairs.

On a flat roof, the wet portions of insulation can easily spread out further, making leak location quite challenging. A simple thermal imaging scan at the right time will reveal everything we need to know, and then some. Our technicians will then waste no time in fixing the problem.

Thermal Imaging Roof Inspection

Thermal imaging technology can pinpoint leaks that may be hidden from the naked eye. We may even find holes that you didn’t know existed. This allows us to ensure that your building’s roofing system is performing properly, giving you peace of mind. Even a small leak can have drastic consequences if left unaddressed, so don’t take any chances. Contact MEIS Roofing & Construction at the first sign of a leak, so that we can use our thermal imaging technology to identify and repair it.

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