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Ten Common Residential Roofing Errors

Common Mistakes Made When Roofing Your Home
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From water leaks and flashing issues to weather damage and poor drainage, home roofs are susceptible to all types of problems. As an established Texas residential roofing company, we have seen every type of roof issue during our regular home maintenance checks. And importantly, identifying common roofing issues before they become unmanageable will save you a lot of time and money down the road. Read on to see how you can protect your roof long into the future.

10 Home Roofing Issues You Need to Avoid

When it comes to residential roofing, our skilled technicians have seen it all – especially when it comes to common mistakes and pitfalls. Learn from our experience and make sure your roof doesn’t have any of these common pitfalls:

  • No leak barrier – You need a leak barrier to properly protect your roof.
  • Incorrect nailing – If your shingles aren’t nailed in correctly, you can expect extensive damage and expensive repairs in the very near future.
  • Leak barrier issues – A leak barrier does you no good if it isn’t properly installed.
  • Shingles on a low-sloped roof – If your roof’s pitch is lower than 2:12, shingles simply won’t function properly. You’ll need to invest in a flat roofing material.
  • Wrong starter course – Never use 3-tab shingles for the starter course of your roof.
  • No drip edge – Without a properly installed drip edge, your roof could very soon need expensive repairs.
  • Wrong type of shingle – Different types of shingles are meant for different types of and parts of the roof. Using the wrong shingle in the wrong place could lead to expensive damage.
  • Attic ventilation issues – If your attic isn’t properly ventilated, it will primarily foster high levels of bacteria and mold growth. Secondarily, your shingles might wear out faster than they otherwise would.
  • Bad flashing – Poor flashing leads to leaks. Flashing issues are also a common cause of poor roof insulation. Residential roof repair delivers long-term benefits by targeting this type of problem.
  • Valley issues – When the shingles of a roof’s plane are laid over each other, they should be carefully altered to prevent roof leaks.

How to Protect Your Residential Roof From Damage

While these 10 roofing mistakes and issues are common, there are ways to protect yourself and save on repair costs. Follow these tips to ensure a robust, leak-free roof for your home.

  • Get your home roof checked by professionals. Older roofs are particularly vulnerable, and problems can quickly spread.
  • Don’t delay residential roof replacement when you have an issue. Depending on the materials used, most home roofs last around 30 years.
  • Check your attic for signs of water leaks and moisture buildup on the ceiling and walls. Even minor water patches could be the sign of a serious problem.

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