Summertime Roofing Maintenance Tips

Follow these easy DIY tips to keep your roof safe and intact.

built up roofing services texasRoof maintenance is vital for the safety of your family and home, the longevity of the roof itself, and the performance of the roof and its materials. You can complete roof maintenance at home by following these simple tips.

  • Clean all gutters and downspouts.
    These home features help keep rainwater from pooling on your roof. It’s important to keep water away from the base of your home to prevent structural damage.
  • Clean any loose debris on the roof.
    Leaves, branches and other debris can fall onto your roof, and stay there. It’s important to remove anything on your roof before it accumulates.
  • Check for damage.
    Summer is the best time to look for cracking shingles, missing shingles, or any other damage that you can repair during the warmer months.
  • Check for moss and mold.
    Mold can quickly spread, but it can easily be cleaned and removed with a power washer.
  • Check the attic and your ceilings indoors.
    Look for stains in the attic or interior ceilings that indicate water is seeping into your home.
  • Close off entryways from the roof.
    Small animals can make their way into your home through holes in the roof, skylights, or chimneys. It’s important to close off any entryways into your home from the roof to keep out animals and the elements.

If you don’t feel comfortable climbing onto your roof to provide the maintenance it needs, we can handle it for you!