Is Solar Roofing Right for You?

On the fence about solar roofing? Learn why solar is an ideal roofing choice for your Texas home.

Roof Solar PanelsIn a nut shell, solar energy saves homeowners money. The initial cost might make you think otherwise, but solar roofing helps homeowners save immediately on their monthly bills. Not to mention, this particular type of roofing can significantly increase your home’s value. Solar energy is a renewable energy source. With all the sunny days we get in Texas (and even on overcast days) your home can generate electricity naturally!

Go Solar! Why?
Other types of roofs might be cheaper or come in a variety of colors and styles, but can they help you save money in the long run? Can they help lower your electricity bills? Are they environmentally friendly? Can they convert sunlight into electricity? We’ve just named some of the top characteristics of solar roofing, and people all over Texas are enjoying them as we speak!

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Texas had significantly increased the total capacity of megawatts of solar energy installed as of the end of 2016. There are approximately 180,000 homes in Texas powered by solar. We hope yours is next!

Learn more about solar energy in Texas and all over the country by visiting the Solar Energy Industries Association’s website.

If you’re wondering whether solar roofing is right for your home, consider these key benefits, and ask an expert from MEIS Roofing & Construction for their professional recommendation. It’s a costly investment upfront that pays off in the future. Solar energy is a long-term investment that you’ll be proud you made. As long as the sun rises each day, you can enjoy your solar roofing.