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Roofing Thermal Imaging to Identify Damage and Leak Detection

Identifying holes in a roof, leaks, hidden moisture and wet insulation are critical to maintaining a commercial roof or a residential roof. At Meis Roofing, we use infrared thermal imaging technology to pinpoint problem areas on a roof before they cause costly structural damage. No matter the size or location of the leak in your Texas home, apartment complex or business, we’ll be able to find it.

Roofing Thermal Imaging for Leak Detection

How Roof Leak Thermal Imaging Works

Roof thermal imaging uses the power of heat to allow our roofing technicians to view potential leak points. For example, on a warm, sunny day the moisture from wet insulation underneath the roofing material will absorb energy from the sun. Once the sun sets, any area of the roof insulation that remains wet will appear as a hot spot on our thermal imaging devices.

Our experienced roof inspection team works with all types of roofing materials, investigates existing roof damage, and proactively repairs minor roofing issues. At Meis Roofing we use the latest technology for roof inspections, including our thermal imaging and essential roof leak detection services.

Residential Thermal Imaging & Roof Leak Detection

While many might see thermal imaging technology as best used for commercial businesses, we can pinpoint leaks quickly by utilizing roof leak detection technology in homes. We may even find a hole in your roof that you didn’t know existed. Even a small leak (if left unaddressed) can have drastic consequences for your home. We can ensure that your structure’s roofing system is performing properly, potentially avoiding unnecessary water damage to your property and possessions in the future.

Commercial Thermal Imaging & Roof Leak Detection

When a chronic leak in a commercial roof exists, it can often go undetected due to the size of the roof itself – until the issue has become severe or very obvious. By using thermal imaging to locate roof leaks and damage at the onset, we can detect issues that can’t be seen easily with the naked eye.

When used on a large commercial roof, thermal imaging enables quick, comprehensive coverage of vast areas without the need for physical contact. As the infrared camera scans the roof, it creates a thermal map that identifies variations in temperature. Identifying these issues allows for leaks and moisture buildup to be pinpointed precisely. Our commercial roof leak detection specialists can then conduct targeted repairs that prevent further damage, and extend the roof’s lifespan.

Flat Roof Thermal Imaging & Leak Detection

For example, when we use thermal imaging technology to locate a leak on a flat roof, we can see the damaged area because it will show a larger thermal mass than the other areas. Once the problem area is identified, we can make recommendations on the best repair options for your property.

With suspected roof leaks on a flat roof, another concern is that the wet portions of insulation can easily spread – making leak location quite challenging. The sooner you get a thermal imaging scan, the easier it will be to identify the roof leak and get it repaired.

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection for Commercial Roofing Types

Flat roofs are a common style of commercial roofing used by many Texas businesses. However, our team also works with a range of materials and various roofing styles used by retail stores, warehouses and offices. From flat and low-slope designs to metal and TPO materials, we cover it all.

Metal Roofs

At Meis Roofing, we tackle the unique challenges of metal roofs, including detecting areas of thermal expansion and contraction that may lead to leaks or structural concerns.

Built-Up Roofs

Our team has vast experience in the maintenance and repair of multi-layered built-up roofing (BUR) systems. We can identify the compromised areas and hidden moisture hiding underneath the surface layers.

EPDM Roofing

Our thermal imaging detects moisture intrusion and insulation flaws in ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofs, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance.

Modified Bitumen Roofs

To maintain the effectiveness and lifespan of a modified bitumen roof, we use technology to spot bonding issues and moisture penetration.

PVC Roofing

We employ thermal imaging on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofs to effectively identify leaks and punctures often caused by hailstorms and falling debris.

Common Questions About Roofing Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging technology offers many benefits, including finding roof leaks, moisture, wet insulation, mold buildup, wet decking areas, inefficient or damaged insulation and more. After precisely identifying issues, we can repair areas before they deteriorate.

We provide clients with comprehensive reports containing detailed investigations of roof damage. A report includes a written description, digital pictures and infrared images that highlight areas needing repair.

No. Thermal imaging analyzes surface temperatures that warrant closer inspection. For example, thermal imaging will identify small zones on a roof that are colder than the surrounding areas. Our trained experts then use other specialized tools to investigate potential leaks and moisture buildup that are not immediately visible.

We Proudly Offer Thermal Imaging Roof Inspections

Meis Roofing identifies the location of roof leaks and wet insulation using the latest thermal imaging technology. For roof maintenance and repair in Texas, contact our expert team for assistance. Call 866-211-1116 or request a free roofing inspection today.

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