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Texas Residential Roof Maintenance Company

As the premier roofing contractors in Texas, Meis Roofing delivers expert residential roof maintenance services to homeowners. Our specialized team protects roofs from the elements, increasing the lifespan of a home with detailed repair work and preventive techniques. Founded in 2009, Meis Roofing is a locally-owned and operated company dedicated to exceeding each client’s expectations.

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Residential Roofing Maintenance Services

Meis Roofing residential roofing maintenance professionals can help you ensure that your roof stays in excellent condition all year long. Our team truly cares about safety for both customers and their property. When repairs need to be considered, we’ll provide you with all your options to solve the issue. If you have suffered roof damage or simply want a routine inspection, our roof maintenance pros are here to help.

Components in Our Roofing Maintenance Protocol

  • Expert inspections
  • Check for leaks
  • Work is completed when you need it
  • Many repairs made on the spot
  • Replace damaged shingles
  • Ensure structural integrity
  • Supports checked

Why Roof Maintenance Is Important

During the roofing maintenance process our roofers can also inspect for leaks. While roof leaks are some of the most destructive problems facing homes in Texas communities, the use of advanced thermal imaging equipment allows Meis Roofing to find hard-to-detect leaks and repair them.

This method of detection means we may find leaks that you’re unaware of, allowing us to put a stop to them before they cause serious damage. And while many today understand that roof leaks can cause dangerous mold growth, they may not realize that over time, even small leaks can lead to structural instability. If you suspect your roof is leaking, request a roofing inspection right away.

Our Residential Maintenance Roofers Are the Best

The roofers at Meis Roofing have been thoroughly screened prior to joining our team, and we only work with roofers who have a proven track record of dedication to customer satisfaction. We arrive on time for all scheduled appointments, and all maintenance is documented for your records. Our team can provide you with recommendations to improve the efficiency of your roof, and you’re always in control throughout the entire maintenance process. If unscheduled repairs need to be made, Meis Roofing provides convenient financing options.

Common Questions About Residential Roof Maintenance

Roofs typically last for at least 20 years in the case of asphalt shingles, and upwards of 50 years for slate roofs. While the type of materials used will influence the lifespan, quality roof installation and regular maintenance will prevent unnecessary deterioration.

Regular roof maintenance helps spot leaks before they can cause serious damage, adds value to the property, insulates the home and increases the life of the roof. Maintenance may also bring long-term savings by preventing repair costs.

Heavy rain may cause a roof leak due to excessive water pooling, cracked flashing, damaged shingles, small holes, overflowing gutters and other issues that are exacerbated by adverse weather conditions.

Expert Residential Roof Maintenance in Dallas-Fort Worth and Beyond

Meis Roofing is a trusted provider of roof maintenance, repairs and renovation across Texas. If you want to protect your roof and avoid costly repairs, arrange a consultation today. Call 866-211-1116 or request a free roofing inspection now.

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For superior quality roof repairs, coatings, roof maintenance, roofing inspections and claims services, Meis Roofing is the team you can trust.
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