Residential Roofing Maintenance in Texas

Maintaining your home’s roof is one of the most important things you can do to preserve it and extend its life. Meis Roofing provides residential roofing maintenance professionals who can help you ensure that your roof is in excellent condition all year long, and we work on your schedule. All of our work is guaranteed, and you’ll receive a full report concerning the condition of your roof. We’ll also provide you with all of your options if any repairs need to be considered, and we’ll never try to sell you something you don’t need. Meis Roofing partners with residential roofing maintenance professionals who truly care about the safety of our customers, and we use the latest in roofing products.

Leak Detection & Repair

During the maintenance process, our roofers can also inspect for leaks. Roof leaks are some of the most destructive problems facing homes in the San Antonio and Austin communities, but through the use of advanced thermal imaging equipment, Meis Roofing can find leaks and repair them, even if they aren’t visible to the naked eye. We may even find leaks that you didn’t know existed, allowing us to put a stop to them before they cause serious damage. Keep in mind that roof leaks can lead to dangerous mold growth, and even small leaks can cause structural instability over time, often resulting in a roof collapse. If you think your roof is suffering from a leak, contact Meis Roofing right away.

Roofing Maintenance Process

  • Work is Completed When You Need It
  • Expert Inspections
  • Many Repairs Made on the Spot
  • Check for Leaks
  • Replace Damaged Shingles
  • Ensure Structural Integrity
  • Supports Checked

Our Residential Roofers

The roofers at Meis Roofing have been thoroughly screened prior to joining our team, and we only work with roofers who have a proven track record of dedication to customer satisfaction. We show up on time for all scheduled appointments, and all maintenance is documented for your records. Our team can provide you with recommendations to improve the efficiency of your roof, and you’re always in control throughout the entire maintenance process. If unscheduled repairs need to be made, keep in mind that Meis Roofing provides convenient financing options.

Protect your investment by partnering with the residential roofing maintenance specialists at Meis Roofing. Call us at 866-211-1116.