Protect Your Home with Roof Leak Detection

Find a leak now and avoid bigger costs later.

Roof Leak Repair
If your roof has a hidden leak, don’t expect it to stay hidden for long. A leaking roof can cause a number of expensive, dangerous problems. Expect everything from cosmetic issues (water stains on the ceiling and walls) to health hazards (mold growth). Because of this, it’s vital to catch and fix roof leaks right away – and MEIS Roofing & Construction is here to help.

How are roof leaks detected?

It can be very difficult for the average homeowner to find a roof leak. While there might be telltale signs like missing shingles or holes in the roof, sometimes, these signs aren’t present. Sometimes, a leak that presents itself in the bedroom might have actually begun in the roof section over the bathroom. The average homeowner does not have the time or equipment to trace a leak back to its source.

We do. We use thermal imaging to find roof leaks and stop them at the source. With infrared cameras, we can detect small temperature changes and use them to determine where water is coming in. Once we have that information, we can quickly get to work on repairs.

How can you prevent roof leaks?

The best way to prevent roof leaks is to have your roof periodically inspected and maintained, especially if it’s a flat roof. We recommend a yearly inspection. It can also sometimes be cheaper over the long run to replace a leaky roof than to constantly repair it. If you opt for replacement, you can pick a material that is less likely to leak, like metal, or that has other advantages, like solar shingles or concrete and clay tiles.

Whatever your choice, the first step is always to call MEIS Roofing & Construction. We have the expert knowledge and right materials to stop roof leaks at the source. Call us today to get started.