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Common Metal Roof Installation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Metal Roof Installations
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A replacement metal roof is one of the best investments a Texas homeowner or business can make. With the help of a high-quality residential or commercial roofing company, you can protect your property and increase its value. And while a new roof is a solid investment, you should be aware of these potential hurdles in the process.

What Are the Main Metal Roof Installation Mistakes?

Metal roofs are a great option for many homeowners, but only if they are properly installed. Many contractors make easily avoidable mistakes because they either know no better or because they are deliberately cutting corners. To help you prevent your home from becoming a cautionary tale, we’ve assembled this list of common mistakes you should make sure your contractor avoids.

Improper Flashing

Flashing is the transitional material used to connect roofing material to “non-roofing” material like vents, chimneys, and skylights. These seams must be completely sealed to prevent damaging leaks and moisture buildup.

Wrong Underlayment

The underlayment is the second line of defense against roofing leaks. Metal roofs should have a smooth, non-granulated underlayment. This protects the underside of the roofing panels.

Not Hiring Professional Roofing Contractors

Among the various pros and cons of commercial metal roofing, self-installation is widely considered to be a potential drawback. Realistically, attempting a DIY installation will likely result in a compromised roof with reduced longevity. And while every type of roof installation requires expertise, metal roof replacement does present a unique set of challenges.

Failing to Plan for Expansion and Contraction

A metal roof is affected by temperature fluctuations that cause it to expand and contract. Using a careful planning process will ensure these movements won’t impact the roof’s structural integrity. However, simple mistakes could lead to buckling and loosening of panels.

Damaged Roof Structure

A metal roof will expand and contract with the weather, so it’s only as good as the base it sits on. Your roofing contractor should check for dry rot and signs of water damage on the roof deck before installing a metal roof. Otherwise, the roof will break loose or create gaps for moisture as it expands and contracts.

Uninsured Roof

Some contractors prefer to install metal roofs over existing shingles, as it’s an easy installation process. However, some home insurance policies forbid this and won’t cover the roof if it occurs. Make sure you check with your insurer before having any roof work done. You should also check with a structural engineer to ensure that your home or building can bear the added weight of a metal roof on top of another roofing material.

Voiding the Warranty

If your roof isn’t properly installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the manufacturer has every right to void the warranty when something goes wrong. Make sure you and the contractor read through the warranty and understand it. This can help you save thousands in repair costs later.

Faulty Panel Installation

Metal panels must be properly aligned and overlapped to prevent water leaks and resist wind uplift. Unfortunately, simple misalignment issues often lead to leaks and gradual interior damage. By employing professional metal deck panel services, your new metal roof should be watertight and durable.

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