Roof Adjusters

It’s the day after a hail storm, and you receive a huge amount of roof insurance claim assignments. You are slammed with too many claims and your time to complete claim inspections is limited. We can help. We can send HAAG certified & licensed adjusters to scope and inspect damages and provide an accurate Xactimate insurance estimate and photo report. We also provide adjusters ladder assists and steep & tall roof inspections.

What We Do

When you contact the Meis Roofing, you’re getting more than just a quick glance at the roof. You’re getting an in-depth analysis by a licensed professional.

Our team uses the latest technology to thoroughly inspect roofs for damage and deliver a full report detailing our findings to our claims adjuster. In addition, we’re completely objective and independent and our main goal is to provide honest answers to your questions. If we find damage that we think was there before a storm, we’ll be sure to report it. If we find damage caused by a storm or other insurance-covered event, we’ll make sure it gets into the report. Our licensed adjusters will also provide all necessary pictures, measurements, reports and all other pertinent information so you can turn in an accurate, thorough claim. If you’re a claims adjuster, Meis Roofing can make your job easier by completing inspections for you. We also provide steep and tall inspections and ladder assists for insurance adjusters. We communicate to the insured that we are there to take pictures and write scope and that we are NOT there to provide insurance policy coverage info. Our adjusters never imply coverage or damage, we only collect information for the insurance adjuster so they can make the final decision on coverage.

Our roof inspectors are experienced professionals who know what it takes to deliver in-depth inspections. We also provide documentation (including Xactimate estimates, diagrams and photographs) to our roof adjusters so they can make decisions that are fair and balanced for their customers. We pride ourselves on providing a service that both homeowners and claims adjusters can respect.

Contact Meis Roofing today to learn more about our insurance claim inspection services for adjusters. Call 866-211-1116.