Claims Offices

Claims offices can often feel hectic. With each claim that comes in, inspectors must use their best judgment to ensure the claim is handled properly and vetted for any potential fraud. Some claims may be easy to assess, but if you aren’t familiar with the work you’re inspecting, such as a specialty roof system, you may be at a disadvantage.

If you work in a claims office, your life just got easier with MEIS Roofing & Construction. We provide claim inspection services for professionals who need fast response times to ensure that claims are handled fairly and efficiently.

What We Offer

MEIS Roofing & Construction provides expert claim inspection services for all claims adjusters looking for an experienced roof evaluation. It’s our job to see that your roof claims are fully investigated, so when you write up the insurance claim, you’re confident it is honest and thorough.

Our inspectors are some of the best in the industry, and we deliver detailed results that are unmatched by our competitors. We have both HAAG Certified roof inspectors and licensed insurance adjusters on staff. When you contact MEIS Roofing & Construction for insurance claims, we’ll deliver a full, thorough, and documented inspection. You’ll receive an Xactimate estimate, photos, diagrams, a written report, and more, so you can best determine how to proceed.

MEIS Roofing & Construction also provides roof pre-inspection services for insurance agents, adjusters, and claims offices. By letting us pre-inspect your clients roof before they file a claim, we can save both the insured and the claims handler time. For example, if there is roof damage caused by wear and tear or a roof claim is under the insured’s deductible, we can identify this before they file a claim and save everyone time.

We’re unbiased in all claim inspection services because we believe that you and your customers deserve excellent service. As the unbiased third party, our company will provide an honest, accurate report.

Contact Us

The experts at MEIS Roofing & Construction are ready to help your claims office by providing roof claim inspection services. To learn more, call 866-211-1116.