Insurance Agents

insurance agentsAs an insurance agent, chances are high that you are dealing with more than you may be able to handle at any given time at your respective insurance agency. However, with such an incredibly important role within the insurance industry, you probably don’t have time to offer each and every client roof inspection claims services. This is where Meis Roofing & Construction comes into player. Our professional team of roofers are capable of inspecting a client’s damage claims using high-tech equipment and years’ worth of experience. We always deliver an unbiased report, with photographic proof, written evaluations, and complete diagrams to really reinforce the data.

Policy Coverage

As a professional team of roofing experts, Meis Roofing & Construction fully understands what a homeowner’s policy may cover, including roofing damage or not. Some policies may not cover roofing damage, while others take into account the age of the roof itself at the time the damage was induced. If the roof is less than 10 years old, some coverage may reimburse the homeowner or business owner for the damages they received during a particularly bad storm or other accident. Of course, the depreciated value does come into play when considering reimbursement. An insurance agency is capable of performing such a job, but the insurance agent may not always have the time required.

On Top of Things

At Meis, we only hire professional roofers. This means our team understands what they need to be on the lookout for, what makes a difference, and the information requires for a damages claim and comprehensive insurance report for the insurance agent. For our clients, we go above and beyond to ensure the quality of work is nothing but the best

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