How Summer Storms Damage Roofing and Siding

What the wind and weather can do – and what you can do to prepare for it.

Summer Storms Damage Roofing and SidingAs much as we all love to think of summer as the time when nothing can go wrong, the truth of the matter is that nature’s fury can be unleashed with particular harshness during the summer. Summer storms can include hail, lightning, driving wind, and pounding rain. Hurricanes and other storms can lead to fallen trees or other debris landing on your roof. The damage from summer storms can be intense.

Luckily, most homeowners find after a summer storm that they only need to replace a few shingles or repair a few holes where shingles used to be. Even these repairs can be limited if you take a few steps beforehand.

Preparation Tips

In order to limit the damage to your roof from summertime storms, be sure to take care of these steps each and every year:

  • Keep your trees and other large plants properly trimmed at all times. (Consult a professional arborist for assistance if necessary.) If you find dead limbs or debris on your property, dispose of it before a storm rolls in.
  • Check and maintain your home’s gutter system to make sure it can efficiently carry water away from the roof.
  • When you find out a storm is coming, secure patio furniture, grills, and other objects that have the potential to be blown around in high winds. Not only will this prevent you from losing these objects, but it can also prevent these objects from damaging your siding or roof.

Once the storm is over, give our professionals a call. We would be happy to complete a roof inspection to make sure that your roof did not sustain any major or minor damage. Even if you can’t see damage, it doesn’t mean that your roof is in the clear. Only a professional can properly inspect your roof to make sure no future problems will develop from this storm.

Let Us Restore Your Roof

If worse comes to worst and your roof is damaged, call the experts at MEIS Roofing & Construction. We would be happy to restore your roof to the way it was before. Call us today or fill out a contact form to get started.