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How to Identify and Repair Wind Damage to a Roof

Wind-damaged roofing in Texas.
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A well-constructed roof should cope with wind, hail and storms, offering full protection against the elements. In fact, with the help of Texas residential roof maintenance contractors, a typical roof can last decades without an issue. However, there are occasions when strong winds or falling debris will be just too much for roofing shingles to withstand.

Dealing With Wind Damage to a Roof

Due to heavy winds (or lack of regular roof inspections), sometimes the signs of roof damage are quite obvious. Here are some simple steps you can follow to prevent severe and ongoing problems.

Look for Clear Signs of Roof Damage

It’s important to look for signs of an issue following heavy winds. While climbing onto the roof can be dangerous – and should typically be left to the professionals – you can often spot loose or missing shingles from ground level. It’s also worth checking the attic for any leaks or water staining on the interior walls.

Consider Speaking to Your Insurance Company

If you experience substantial damage after extreme weather, you may choose to contact your insurance company. An insurer will likely send an adjuster to determine the extent of the damage.

Call a Professional Roofer

Bad weather is one of the most common sources of roof damage for homeowners. We recently discussed how summer storms damage roofing, and considered how to protect yourself from many issues. However, if you still experience damage, calling a professional roofing company is your best option. And while it might be tempting to live with minor damage, roof structure breaches will inevitably get worse over time.

Get a Comprehensive Roof Inspection

A roofing company will perform a thorough inspection, identifying both visible damage and any less obvious issues. An assessment will uncover things like minor shingle cracks, holes in the roof membrane, even those leaks that are only visible when using thermal imaging.

Assess Your Roof Repair Options

After a comprehensive inspection, your roofing company will present the available options for repairs. Depending on the age of the roof and the extent of the damage, you may opt for fast roof repairs – or a brand-new roof replacement.

Take Steps to Prevent Future Wind Damage to the Roof

Roof damage caused by strong winds can be distressing for homeowners. However, such an event is a good opportunity to assess potential risk factors and make important changes. Replacing cracked roof shingles, trimming overhanging branches, removing leaves from gutters and fixing ventilation are just some of the residential roof repair services available. And with ongoing roof maintenance checks, you can feel confident your property is protected when strong winds and storms return.

Professional Roof Repair and Maintenance Services in Texas

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