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Why Gutter Maintenance Matters for Dallas-Fort Worth Homes

Why Gutter Maintenance Matters for Dallas-Fort Worth Homes
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As a leading Texas residential roof repair company, Meis Roofing is regularly called upon to deal with the results of gutter blockages. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong with guttering, including cracks and blocked downspouts, and repair costs begin to add up. During dry, sunny weather homeowners might have a false sense of security, but that could change when the wet weather ramps up.

When the seasons change – bringing with them increased rainfall, increased debris, and falling leaves – it’s time to make sure your gutters are properly cleaned and maintained. Acting now can save you thousands in repair costs later, to say nothing of the inconvenience of having to repair extensive damage to your home.

Learn more about what gutters do and why cleaning them is so important when you read below.

How Gutters Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Your home’s gutter system is designed to move the water that runs off the roof safely away from your foundation. Without gutters, the rain would pour off your roof in sheets. Not only would this be very unpleasant for anyone trying to get into or out of your house, but it would also damage your foundation and compromise the structural integrity of your home.

How Clogged Gutters Cause Problems for Your Home

Problems with guttering might seem like a minor issue, but any buildup of water should be of concern to a homeowner. Watch out for some of the following guttering problems, and follow our residential roof maintenance tips for the summer before the bad weather begins.


While leaves and other debris may not weigh much when dry, when wet, they soak up water and become exponentially heavier. This added burden puts stress on your gutters and their hanging brackets. Too much stress, and the gutters can be pulled off the house – damaging windows, lights, patio furniture, and more as they come crashing down.

Structural Issues

When water can’t flow through the gutters, it chooses the path of least resistance to get through your home. This could mean that it flows through your walls and ceilings, causing wood rot and other damage that won’t be detected until it’s too late. Excess water can also damage your foundation and cause soil erosion.

Cosmetic Issues

Cosmetic issues are also a concern when you decide to sell your home. For instance, if issues are allowed to get progressively worse, you may find you need to invest in home roof replacement to deal with substantial roof damage. If this is the worst that happens, you are lucky. However, watermarks going down your home’s siding or stucco are still unsightly and cost money to repair.

Let Us Help

No matter what gutter issues you might be facing, the experts at Meis Roofing can help. We can help with everything from clogs to gutter screen replacement and repair. All of our work is guaranteed, and we serve the entire DFW area (including Waco, Temple, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, etc.).

We’ll start by providing you with a detailed report before any work begins, so you can make the best decision for your home or business. Rest assured we’ll never try to sell you a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Most importantly, our gutter installation is fast, reliable, and accurate.

Call us today to learn more and start the process.

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At Meis Roofing, we provide commercial and residential roof repair and maintenance services throughout Texas. If you need help with gutter maintenance and other roofing solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. To learn more, call 866-211-1116 or request a free roofing inspection.

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