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Free Storm Damage Roofing & Repair Inspections

Roof inspections are essential – they’re a part of properly maintaining a commercial or residential building. If you have spotted a leak, see water stains on the ceiling, or notice missing shingles after a recent storm, it’s important to get your roof inspected for damage. At Meis Roofing, we offer free roofing inspections to homeowners and businesses in Texas.

Our experienced technicians will scrutinize every inch of your roof to identify any roof repairs required after storm damage, such as missing shingles and water infiltration. If your home or business needs its roof inspected, contact us today by calling 866-211-1116 or by completing the request form below.

    Why You Should Get a Roofing Inspection

    Unfortunately, storms and gradual wear can cause small leaks, damaged seals and other issues on the roof of your commercial building or the roof on your home. When these problems are identified early, a simple repair can usually fix the damaged area. However, when these roofing issues go unresolved, the deterioration and damage will lead to more costly repairs – and even the need for a new roof installation.

    By getting regular roofing inspections and regular roofing maintenance for your commercial building or residential property, you can increase the lifespan of your roof and secure the structural integrity of your home, commercial or industrial building.

    Reasons to Get a Roofing Inspection

    • You’ve experienced severe storms and obvious damage.
    • It’s been years since your roof has been inspected.
    • You’ve spotted water stains on the interior ceiling or walls.
    • You’re ready to make an insurance claim.
    • There are signs of paint peeling around the ceiling.
    • You’ve found missing shingles or identified broken chimney seals.

    Roof Inspections for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

    Our team provides comprehensive roof inspections and roof maintenance for commercial and industrial buildings. Roof damage to business premises carries significant risk for employees, equipment and productivity. Meis Roofing will help business owners identify problematic roof damage, including issues with metal, tiles and EPDM rubber. By getting your roof repaired right away, in most cases you can avoid more significant costs later.

    Roof Inspections for Residential and Multi-Family Properties

    We work with homeowners and property owners for apartment complexes, condos and townhomes to identify broken or missing shingles, damaged clay tiles, cracked seals around the chimney and other types of roofing problems. And once an inspection is completed, if desired, our team can carry out roof repair work the same day for smaller types of damage. For property owners dealing with insurance claims due to storm damage or other types of damage, we can also perform a roofing insurance claims inspection.

    Request a Free Roofing Inspection Today

    For a free roofing inspection in Texas, contact Meis Roofing today. Our experienced team is ready to advise you on the best roof repair or replacement options for your property. To reach us, call 866-211-1116 or request a roofing inspection above.

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