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Common Roof Valley Issues and How to Repair Them

Roof valley repair in Texas.
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As many homeowners will know, roof valleys are among the most likely locations for leaks and damage. Unfortunately, without quality residential roof repairs, these leaks can result in structural erosion and damage to the interior of the property. However, roof leaks don’t need to be a problem with a maintenance and repair plan. Let’s examine some common roof valley issues, and what you can do to protect your Texas home.

What Is a Roof Valley?

A roof valley is the angled intersection formed where two sloping roof surfaces meet. This location works as a key water-drainage feature, channeling rainwater and snowmelt off the roof and into the gutter system. Due to its function, the roof valley is exposed to the elements more than other parts of the roof.

Common Issues With Roof Valleys

Numerous problems can impact roof valleys, often causing significant and costly damage. Here are some common issues to be aware of.

  • Shingle Damage – Constant water flow from rain increases the pressure on shingles and may cause fractures over time.
  • Incorrect Installation – Installation issues can allow water to seep beneath roof coverings and into the property. Follow our tips to protect your roof from damage to prevent common issues of this kind.
  • Debris Accumulation – Leaves, twigs and other debris can accumulate in the roof valley, obstructing water flow and causing water pooling.
  • Ice Dam Formation – During cold weather, ice dams could form in the roof valleys, with water eventually seeping through cracks.
  • Underlayment Issues – Damaged underlayment is a common cause of roof leaks.

How to Repair a Roof Valley

Repairing a roof valley requires professional expertise due to the complexity of the task – preventing future issues calls for precision. Here are some of the ways a professional roofing company tackles roof valley repairs.

Damage Assessment

The first step is to inspect the roof valley for damage. This process helps professionals determine the extent of the problem, then decide the most effective repair strategy.

Material Removal

Taking care to protect the surrounding intact materials, the damaged shingles and underlayment around the affected area are carefully removed.

Underlayment Installation

A new layer of underlayment placed across the valley will offer long-lasting protection against weather damage. An experienced residential roofing company will be adept at waterproofing, potentially increasing the roof’s expected lifespan.

Roof Valley Materials

Various materials are available for roof valley repair. Galvanized steel and aluminum are popular options today, though the more expensive copper can add some extra curb appeal. These materials will be effective when used alongside your existing metal, shingle or slate roof. A waterproof membrane is then added for additional protection.

Roof Valley Repair and Maintenance in Texas

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