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Replacing or Repairing? How to Know What’s Best for Your Roof

Read through these factors that will help you make your decision. There are several factors to consider that can help property owners determine whether they need to repair their existing roof or replace it with a new one. We’ve broken them down for you, to make the decision-making process a lot easier. Age: With the […] Read More

North Texas Rocked By Severe Storms Packing Hail, Tornadoes

Severe weather means roof repairs are on the way. If you see the weather reporters in their shirtsleeves on TV – or else standing in the middle of the elements – it means that things are going very wrong. We all saw that on April 3, when powerful thunderstorms hit much of North Texas. Many […] Read More

Protect Your Home with Roof Leak Detection

Find a leak now and avoid bigger costs later. If your roof has a hidden leak, don’t expect it to stay hidden for long. A leaking roof can cause a number of expensive, dangerous problems. Expect everything from cosmetic issues (water stains on the ceiling and walls) to health hazards (mold growth). Because of this, […] Read More

When Is It Time For Roof Replacement?

Learn when it’s time to stop making repairs and simply have the roof replaced. If you are not experienced in roof construction, it can be difficult to know whether it makes more sense to repair a roof or replace it. While roofs can last for decades, eventually, they all fail, and all need regular maintenance. […] Read More