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Protecting Your Roof from Moisture Damage and Leaks

With the right tips and know-how, you can prevent your roof from falling victim to leaks. One of the most common home repair issues is a leaky roof. Of course, the minute you spot a leak, you should call in the professionals to have it addressed. That being said, you can take a few steps […] Read More

Don’t Delay Residential Roof Repair

Roof problems tend to get worse over time, so it’s best to repair them early. A small roof leak might seem like a small problem. You might wonder how much damage a few drops of water or a couple of missing shingles can truly do to your home. Unfortunately, the correct answer is “a lot.” […] Read More

Protect Your Home with Roof Leak Detection

Find a leak now and avoid bigger costs later. If your roof has a hidden leak, don’t expect it to stay hidden for long. A leaking roof can cause a number of expensive, dangerous problems. Expect everything from cosmetic issues (water stains on the ceiling and walls) to health hazards (mold growth). Because of this, […] Read More

Moisture Meter may Help with Roof Leak Detection

Learn how you can take steps to find a roof leak before it causes major damage. A roof leak is always a major problem. Left to its own devices, a roof leak will worsen over time, as water seeps into the home and causes everything from mold and mildew growth to structural damage. If you […] Read More

Signs of a Roof Leak

Know the signs so you can stop a roof leak early. Sometimes, a roof leak is obvious: if there is a trail of water coming from the ceiling when it rains, you know you have a problem. However, many roof leaks actually give off early warning signs long before things get to that point. It’s […] Read More