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The Best Roofing Options for Your Standalone Business

Learn about common commercial roofing materials and determine which one is right for you. Because commercial buildings are often constructed in a different fashion than residential ones, the roofing materials vary, too. Commercial roofs are often flat, which requires the use of special roofing materials. Because of this, many businesses choose to have their roofs […] Read More

Infographic: 12 Bizarre and Unique Roofs Around the World

Wait until you see these roofs! Many people think of roofs as humdrum and ordinary, but as this list of the 12 most bizarre and unique roofs shows, they don’t have to be. Let us take you on a world tour as we investigate strange roofs from Brazil to California and beyond. Be inspired by […] Read More

Why You Should Hire MEIS Roofing & Construction

Learn why our company is the best option for your roof! When it comes time to repair or replace your roof, it simply makes sense to hire a professional. Only a professional roofer will fully understand the issues your roof is facing and be able to design a custom solution for your home or business. […] Read More