Built-Up Roofing Services in Texas

built up roofing services texasThe team at Meis Roofing is made up of professionals who care. We take the time to select individuals who have a proven track record of dedication to customer service, and we guarantee your satisfaction. When you contact Meis Roofing for built-up roofing, we’ll work with you to design a custom plan of action. If you already know what you want, we can install to your exact specifications. If you aren’t sure what you need, we’ll provide some options so that you can make the decision that’s best for your business or commercial property.

Built-up Roofing System

Meis Roofing provides built-up-roofing in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Waco, Temple, Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and beyond. Also known as BUR, built-up roofing works very well on commercial properties that have low-slope roofs or flat roofs. Our experts can quickly install your new commercial roofing system. BUR combines durable materials that have been used in commercial roofing for decades, such as tar & gravel ballast. The resulting layers of asphalt & felt are thick and watertight.

BUR roofs are incredibly durable, long lasting, and somewhat cost effective. During installation, we use a number of layers to build up the roof. This creates a structure that resists environmental damage, human factors, and more. You can also see our other types of roofing to find one that’s right for your commercial property.

Built-up Roofing Installation

We provide built-up roofing installation services on your schedule, and we work hard to avoid disrupting your day-to-day operations. Once we’ve installed your new or replacement built-up roofing, we recommend that you have our roofers maintain it on a regular basis.

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