Building Inspectors in Texas

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Building Inspectors TexasIf you’re a building inspector who needs a quality roofing company in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Waco, Temple, Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas, rely on the expert roofers at MEIS Roofing & Construction. We handle everything from commercial roofing to residential roofing. We even have the experience and training to inspect roofs. We can make your job easier. Below are just some of the benefits of partnering with us:


  • We can provide information regarding roof life expectancy, roof replacement options, costs, & warranties to the main building inspector.
  • We offer core sampling & evaluation for commercial roofing jobs.
  • We provide service for all roof types, including TPO, EPDM, BUR, PVC, modified bitumen, metal, coatings, foam roofing, and much more.
  • We follow industry standards for all roof types, components, & installations.
  • We offer information regarding R-value, thickness, moisture, type, attachment method, and more.
  • We deliver information regarding the condition of wall flashings, roof perimeters, coping caps, expansion joints, & control joints.
  • Our team operates within OSHA guidelines.
  • We have a perfect safety track record and a comprehensive written safety program.
  • We deliver customized reporting & documentation.
  • We inspect for workmanship defects.
  • We inspect for water ponding & drainage issues.
  • Our team can recommend repairs & maintenance to preserve roof life.
  • We work with insurance companies for storm damage claims.
  • We inspect roofs for large stack flashings, small pipes, pitch pans, & curbs.
  • We can offer LEED Certified roofing.

Contact MEIS Roofing & Construction today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with our roofing company to inspect roofs. We provide commercial roofing & residential roofing in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Waco, Temple, Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas, and we’ll be glad to assist you with building roof inspections & more. Call 866-211-1116.