Attic Ventilation Services in Texas

Attic Ventilation Services TexasProper attic ventilation is an important part of protecting your home and lowering your energy bills. During the warmer months, heat can build up in your attic quickly, and once this occurs, your cooling system will have to work even harder to keep up. This can lead to higher energy costs and malfunctioning HVAC components. The general contractors at Meis Roofing provide fast and affordable attic ventilation services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Waco, Temple, Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and the surrounding areas. We use the latest in professional products and techniques, and we will have your home cooled off in no time. Meis Roofing is committed to delivering excellent customer service, so we’ll also provide you with a full report regarding the condition of your current ventilation situation before any work begins.

Attic Pros Insulation & Ventilation Services

The best way to keep your home energy efficient is to invest in professional insulation and ventilation services. Did you know that a poorly ventilated attic could be costing you hundreds of extra dollars in cooling or heating bills? Hiring Meis Roofing’s attic pros can pay for itself in the long run. Let us come evaluate your home and see how we can help lower your utility bills while keeping your family more comfortable.

Attic Ventilation Repair

If you’ve had another service provider install an attic ventilation system that is no longer functioning properly, our repair experts are here to help. We can inspect your current system, check for errors, and make repairs quickly. In addition, our ventilation products come with outstanding warranties, and all are energy efficient. You should also consider that it might make more sense to replace your current ventilation system rather than repair it. Our contractors will provide you with all of your options so that you can make the best choice for your individual needs and your budget.

Benefits of Attic Ventilation

  • Lowers utility bills
  • Energy efficiency
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Great warranties
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces attic temperature

Attic Ventilation Maintenance

In order to keep your system running smoothly all year long, we recommend that you allow Meis Roofing to provide you with attic ventilation maintenance services. We can ensure that your system is operating at peak performance, and if any issues are noticed, we can address them on the spot. Regular maintenance also helps to avoid potential repairs in the future, so don’t wait until you encounter a problem to get in touch with our service professionals.

How much attic ventilation does my home need?

Attic ventilation is a tricky balance that needs to be calculated by a roofing professional. Ideally, you will want a ratio of 1:300. For every 300 square footage of ceiling space, you want one square foot of ventilation. This may vary slightly depending on the design of your roof. If you are wondering how much attic ventilation you will need, contact our office for an appointment.

What’s the ideal way to ventilate an attic?

Roofing vents are the best way to ventilate an attic. These vents are installed by penetrating the roof and placing an appropriate vent surrounded by flashing. This flashing is an ideal spot for leaks to develop, so you will want to ensure you keep the area properly maintained and inspected regularly.

Can an attic ventilator be installed on a flat roof?

When it comes to your flat roof, there are very limited ventilation requirements, unlike with sloped roofing. Only three types of vents will work with flat roofs: turbine, gable, and mushroom vents.

To ensure that you’re utilizing the proper attic ventilation type for your roof, it’s always best to contact the pros first!

Here at Meis Roofing, we know how important attic ventilation is for your household – our team of highly skilled roofing technicians can help answer your questions and install the best attic vents for your needs. When it comes to home ventilation, we’re proud to use the highest quality products and techniques around.

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