4 Ways Metal Roofing Systems Save You Money

Learn how a metal roof might help you save money over time.

Metal Roofing SystemsMetal roofing has a reputation as being one of the most expensive roofing materials available. While it is true that metal roofing costs more upfront, we believe that this reputation is unfair. This is because metal roofing may actually help you save money over time.

Many of the costs associated with roofing are hidden, mounting over years with repairs or lack of energy efficiency. By choosing a metal roof, you can cut those costs and enjoy significant savings over time. Here is how:

  1. Metal roofs are durable.

    Very little can get through a metal roof, and that includes hail and wind. Metal roofs rarely need to be repaired and are very low maintenance. Because of that, you can save money on repair costs over time.

  2. Metal roofs last.

    An average asphalt shingle roof lasts about 17 years, at which point it needs to be replaced. A metal roof, on the other hand, can last as long as 50 years – or longer. Many manufacturer warranties last 30-50 years, giving you an extra layer of protection and cost savings.

  3. Your insurer might lower your premiums.

    Because metal roofs are less susceptible to certain types of weather damage and much more fire resistant, homes with them are less risky to insure. This means that Texas insurance companies are willing to offer steep discounts to homeowners with these roofs. Some insurers may offer discounts of up to 35%.

  4. Metal roofs lower utility bills.

    While any roof will insulate your home, a metal roof is especially helpful in a hot climate like ours. Paint your roof a light color, and the roof will reflect most of the sun’s light and heat, sparing your home. A metal roof will even help your home stay warmer during the winter. All of this means you experience less stress and cost on your HVAC system.

These are just a few of the advantages of a metal roof; there are others. We would be happy to help you learn about all of them as you explore which option would be best for your new roof. Call us today to learn more and schedule a consultation!